What happens when you
constantly outgrow yourself?

The constant growth of our site in Wangen im Allgäu perfectly illustrates just how dynamic the history of GRUNWALD is.

  1. 1956
    Company founded by Herbert Grunwald

    Company starts acting as an agent for German and foreign machinery manufacturers (including HAMBA and SIG), as well as packaging suppliers operating in the dairy and ice-cream industry.

    Company founded by Herbert Grunwald
  2. 1978
    A new era begins

    Following the death of Herbert Grunwald, Sales Manager Edwin Müller takes over the reins of the company.

    Sales Manager Edwin Müller takes over the reins of the company
  3. 1981
    Relocation to a new and larger building

    with its own workshop at the Atzenberg industrial zone in Wangen; the company expertly enters the arena of second-hand filling and packing machines.

    Relocation to a new and larger building
  4. 1996
    Some fresh faces join the company

    Armin and Ralf Müller, the sons of Edwin Müller, join the management team.

    Entry of the sons Armin und Ralf Müller
  5. 1999
    Acquisition of HITTPAC

    A filling machine manufacturer from Switzerland.

    Acquisition of HITTPAC
  6. 2006
    GRUNWALD celebrates 50 years

    In the anniversary year, the number of employees increases to more than 100.

    GRUNWALD celebrates 50 years
  7. 2010
    Edwin Müller

    transfers his shares in the business to his sons, Armin and Ralf Müller, and steps down as Managing Director. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, he continues to act as an adviser to the company.

    Edwin Müller
  8. 2013
    Extension completed

    after 2 years of construction work. Operational floor space increased by 60%.

    Extension completed
  9. 2014 – 2017
    Various construction projects

    Operational floor space increased in the assembly and production hall, multi-purpose building (photograph: aerial shot of the company grounds following the completion of Hall 3)

    Various construction projects
  10. 2020
    Changes within the management team

    Ralf Müller becomes the sole Managing Director of GRUNWALD GmbH. Company premises expanded with the addition of a 270-space multi-storey car park.

    Changes within the management team
  11. 2022
    The 9th extension

    With assembly hall 4 the assembly area increases by 700 square metres. The usable height of 6.50 m enables the installation of large machines or inline machines with packaging material feed from the upper or second floor.

    Changes within the management team
  12. Today
    More than 3,000 machines delivered

    GRUNWALD, a family-owned business, is a leader in the area of cup and bucket fillers that support multiple formats, cup sizes and has so far delivered more than 3,000 machines globally.

    More than 2500 machines delivered to date

The history of GRUNWALD
is packed with stories

and we will be happy to send you our company history booklet.

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