Rotary-type machines - Adaptive design

Rotary-type machines

The features of the GRUNWALD rotary-type machines are their high level of flexibility, excellent accessibility and user-friendly design. These machines know how to impress with their quick changeover times for various products and packing materials.


  • Format changeover without the need for tools
  • High flexibility thanks to mobile dosing stations
  • Unlimited options for product presentations
  • 1 to 6 lanes

Additional equipment

Mobile dosing systems (e.g., GRUNWALD MOBIFILL and/or GRUNWALD FLEXODOS)

Mobile dosing systems for pumpable and non-pumpable products, such as potato salad, hummus, vegetable salads and pasta salads.

By exchanging the mobile dosing systems over you can have an allergen-free dosing system ready in less than 5 minutes. Depending on the product type, various mobile dosing systems can all be integrated at the same filling position.

Auger filler

An auger filler can be integrated for filling powdery products, such as spices.

Multi-head weigher

A multi-head weigher can be integrated for filling nuts, muesli, confectionery or similar foods.


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